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Vintage Costume Sewing Patterns

If you're looking for costume party, dance recital or Halloween vintage sewing patterns for women, men or children, you'll find them here!

Below is a list of all of the vintage costume patterns available on our wiki (many with links to purchase the pattern).

Did you make a costume from one of these patterns? Add your photo!

Or, visit our Costume Wiki

  • Simplicity_4034
  • Hollywood_1204
  • DuBarry_1040B
  • Dazian_55
  • McCall_1485
  • McCall_792
  • Butterick_4210_A
  • McCall_5108
  • Simplicity_9050
  • Butterick_4261
  • McCall's_8731
  • McCall's_7772_A
Top Vintage Costume Patterns
*McCall 5108 - 1920s Flapper Costume Pattern (more Flapper Costumes)

Below is a list of all of the vintage costume patterns on our wiki.

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