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Mary Quant's Vintage Sewing Patterns

Mary Quant (born 1934) is an English fashion designer, one of the many designers who took credit for inventing the mini skirt and mini-dress and hot pants.

In the mid-1960s, Mary Quant released several sewing patterns under Butterick's Young Designer series.

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  • Butterick 3289 'London a MARY QUANT Design' One-Piece Dress
Top Vintage Sewing Patterns from Mary Quant
* Butterick 3498 - Mary Quant Semi-fitted Dress Pattern* Butterick 6931 - Mary Quant Jacket, Pants, Skirt & Top Pattern* Butterick 6916 - Mary Quant Shirtdress Pattern
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More Information on Mary Quant
*Biography of Mary Quant on wikipedia*Mary Quant's website (fashion and makeup)

Below is a list of all of the vintage sewing patterns from Mary Quant on our wiki.

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