Vintage Vogue Sewing Patterns

Vogue Magazine included a weekly sewing pattern in their magazine as early as 1899, but it wasn't until the 1940s that Vogue Patterns expanded to producing designer patterns, bringing Parisian haute couture into the sewing rooms of the world. In Italy in the 1960s, the Vogue patterns were featured on the Novità magazine and sold in the Singer shops for 1000 Lire.

Sold to Butterick in 1961, Butterick licensed to use the name and continues to publish patterns under the Vogue brand.

Patterns have different names: Vogue Paris Original, Vogue Couturier Design, Vogue Special Design, Vogue Young Fashionables, Miss Vogue, Junior Vogue, Little Vogue...

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Top Vintage Vogue Patterns
* Vogue 204 - 1960s Wedding Dress Pattern* Vogue 5571 - 1960s Sheath Dress Pattern* Vogue 2434- 1970s Pullover Dress Pattern
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