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Bumping out other sellers03:04, December 23, 2013Wundermary
LeRoy duplicate pieces18:25, February 10, 2013HarrietBazley
Fabric wiki? Does it exist?03:54, September 23, 201275.15.135.147
Searching for a picture of a vintage pattern01:56, September 19, 201268.140.70.90
Pattern size frustrations01:58, September 18, 2012Tarna
Where to post this?11:42, February 2, 201224.102.165.179
Quick Fixing Others' Additions?15:11, September 11, 2011Thehemline
Rare patterns20:34, May 16, 2011Nemraca
Sewing Patterns06:29, March 27, 2011Tarna
Fashion wedding dress and Eveing dress in here07:35, March 19, 2011Dresses12
Liesl's Dress from Sound of Music04:30, December 29, 2010PrincessP
Top Ten Lists00:37, December 2, 2010Todays Treasure
New Page Template - Feedback?16:51, October 25, 2010Wundermary
Trading patterns w/o the middleman!20:30, September 23, 2010Tropicalifornia
Vintage partial pattern23:24, February 10, 201090.216.28.109
Sherlock Holmes coat18:44, January 9, 2010207.30.244.191
English vocabulary18:27, June 4, 2009Tarna
Singular form vs plural01:36, June 4, 2009Zynia
French00:06, May 27, 2009Zynia
Vogue 576022:25, January 30, 2009Artdoodads
Advance 821823:39, January 28, 2009Artdoodads
Future Additions00:40, November 16, 2007Anchorbend
Welcome to the watercooler19:04, November 13, 2007Default

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