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Comments are a way to leave a quick message with your thoughts on a blog post or article page.

Article Comments is an extension enabled by default on Wikia. The comments section can be found at the bottom of article pages on some communities. If comments are not available for a content page, you can use the Talk Page instead. This extension can be disabled by administrators via Wiki Features as desired.

Blog Comments are a part of the Blogs feature.


  • To add a comment, simply fill in the input box at the bottom of the page.
  • You can use wikitext or rich text editing to format your text or add a photo or video.
Comments input box

  • If you would like to reply to a comment, simply click on the reply button. Your reply will show below the comment.
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  • Each page can have 20 comments, and unlimited replies.
  • After 20 comments are reached, a new page of comments will be started.

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