About this WikiEdit

Welcome to the Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki! With this wiki, we are working to create one location online where people can go to browse through vintage patterns from the 1980s and older and share information about them, including:

  • Links to sellers who have particular patterns in stock
  • Reviews by people who have made the patterns (share photos!)
  • Links to blog posts about particular patterns
  • Wishlist of people who want to buy or trade particular patterns
  • Searchable 'tags' on patterns (like 'cocktail', 'wrap dress', 'peter pan collar' or whatever)

Tips on Submitting a New PatternEdit

  • Vintage Only!

Please only create new pattern articles for Vintage, OUT OF PRINT patterns: roughly 25 years or older!

  • Posting a Pattern: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Be sure to check that you're submitting a new pattern. With over 30,000 vintage patterns already listed, it may already be there! Give a search to check before posting it and be sure to check your spelling and typing. For example, if you search for "McCalls 3602", it won't find "McCall's 3602", even though it is the same pattern. We then have a duplicate that will probably never be noticed.

  • Vendor Linking Tip #1

If you have a pattern for sale, list if under the "Sources" on the specific pattern page. Be sure to link directly to the pattern sale page (not to the front page, category or other pages).

  • Vendor Linking Tip #2

If there is already one or more sources listed for a particular pattern, add your link to the bottom of the list as a common courtesy to your fellow Wiki users.

  • Vendor Linking Tip #3

Once your pattern sells, don't forget to come back and remove the link from the page. The wiki admins will try to keep this cleaned up, but it's a lot of things to check up on. By removing these links, we keep our wiki active and accurate.

  • Vendor Linking Tip #4

Try to give a description of the pattern including the full brand name, pattern number and date. If there is no description on the back of the envelope for you to type in, please describe the sewing and fashion attributes of the garment. For instance, Two piece dress with fitted jacket and pleated skirt.

Other Wiki Best PracticeEdit

  • Add more tips/tricks here?

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